Slaying Demons has Launched!

Slaying Demons is a brand new show from Jocelyn Moffett of AmoveTV, Jules of Tauren Think Tank, and Nevermore. The three share their own personal struggles each week while offering advice and resources to each other and the community. They record weekly on Tuesday at 9PM Eastern Time over on

Two episodes are currently live on YouTube, with the third recording tomorrow night, don't miss it! 

Episode 1 - I Need To Cover My Shame

This week they deal with living a healthier lifestyle, feeling like a stranger in their own skin, and anxiety tied to losing control of a situation. 

Having trouble organizing your life? Nevermore suggests using:

Episode 2 - Disaster Thinking

This week they deal with worrying too much, dealing with past hurt and anger, and traveling to unfamiliar areas. 

Do you share Joce's tendency towards catastrophic thinking? Check out this article on ways to change your thinking:

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